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Warehouse Workshops 8

Workshops by Taylor and Colin Randall

Warehouse Workshops #8 Recap!

What a great start to 2024! We couldnt have asked for a better start to the year!

The film industry has evolved over the last decade and its more important than ever to not only master the creative but to have a throughout understanding of the business side of things. 

Colin took us through his process of navigating the producing and business side of the film industry. He showed us what it took for him to secure over $500,000 of funding to secure cameras, lenses, and equipment.

As Taylor took the stage he showed us why hes one of the most sought after cinematographers in the industry.

Starting off Taylor showed us a ton of his work and introduced us to his fast paced style. He then took us through 3 different blockbuster movie looks and his stunt chorographer David Hernandez blocked out different fight scenes for each look.

This event was an absolute banger and were so grateful for the knowledge and expertise Colin and Taylor brought to the table.

See you guys at the next event!


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