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Warehouse Workshops 7

Workshop by Eric Branco

Warehouse Workshops #7 Recap!

We had a blast watching Cinematographer Eric Branco's Workshop "Dissecting the Frame"

Eric broke down frames from a few of his most popular films

The first one was from "The fourty year old version" Where he explained his process of shooting black and white 35mm film stock and what filtration he used to control black and white tones/contrast. He broke down the lighting set up and how he used lekos and bounce boards on menice arms to add far side keys while keeping the areas arount the actors clear so they could concectrate more.

Eric then broke down a frame from "Let the right one in" He showed us how he created key lights that felt almost non existant by bouncing a really strong source off a 4x4 black floppy. You heard that right he used a floppy as a bounce board. The resulting image was incredible!

Overall there were so many important takeaways and im so excited to take what ive learned and deploy it on some of my next shoots!


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