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Warehouse Workshops 6

Workshop by James Kniest

Warehouse Workshops #6 Recap!

James Kniest brought his A-Game and showed us what it takes to build suspense and shoot a horror film!

James has shot so many amazing horror films like "Annabelle" "The Bye Bye Man" "American Horror Stories" "Hush" and so many more!

During the workshop he went over his process of prepping for a film and communicating with other departments to make sure his vision is clear. He then talked about ordering camera and lighting based on what exactly is needed. This is extremely valuble to make sure you have what you need to move fast and efficently!

He then utilized the Sony Venice 2 in Rialto mode to demonstrate camera movrement and how it can evoke anxiety and horror and how it can make your day so much faster.

Overall there were so many important takeaways and im so excited to take what ive learned and deploy it on some of my next shoots!


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