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Warehouse Workshops 4

Workshop by Matt Ryan ICG 600

Warehouse Workshops #4 was a huge success!

We started the night with a cool new concept! We created 6 unique camera and lighting challenges and held a contest to see who could get the best score of the night. The Challenges included (Cable wrap, Aputure light build, Guess the distance, Wheels op, film stand build, and Whip pan)! The challenges were spread throughout the studio and it was awesome to see everyone get involved and battle it out of the grand prize (Aputure 600d)!

Around 7pm we all gathered into the main warehouse where cinematographer Matt Ryan ICG 600 started his workshop on commercial lighting. Matt started off by showing some of his work and then breaking down some of his biggest commercials (Peacock, Scotts, Turbo Tax, etc). He showed us brand bibles and how in depth companies go to make sure their products are shown exatly how they want them to be seen. Matt then went on to show pre production, shoot, and eventually edit/color a live commercial shoot for the workshop! At the end he showed everyone the final product and it was nothing short of incredible!

At the end of the night we did the raffle and said our goodbyes! Such an amazing turnout and i cant wait to see everyone at the next event!


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