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Warehouse Workshops 3

Workshop by Shane Hurlbut ASC

Warehouse Workshops #3 was absolutely insane!

To start off the night we had 1st AC Aric Abraham do an incredible workshop in the bunker. As we all know time equals money on set so being able to move quick and efficiantly was Arics goal when creating this workshop. Being able to move from sticks to handheld to steadicam with zero downtime takes a special build and Aric showed us what that takes.

As the night went on we got into our main workshop by Shane Hurlbut ASC!

Shane's workshop was all about light quality and what seperates the amature from professional cinematographer. Shane isnt one to just use available tools, he explained that to create light that looks realistic to him he has to take matters into his own hands by finding uncoventional materials and using them to create out of the box techniques. He showed multiple lighting setups like the "batton light" and the "depron dome" and then displayed them in the police office set. He utilized countless lighting techniques and showed how they could be used for day and night interiors.

What an incredible night filled withg networking, education and amazing vendors! We had a blast and cant wait to see everyone at Warehouse Workshops #4


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