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Warehouse Workshops 2

Workshops by Pascal Combes-Knoke, Eli Franks and Max Harsant.

Our 2nd Warehouse Workshops event was epic! We took suggestions from the 1st event and put them into motion.

We started things off with an incredible 1st AC workshop by Max Harsant in our bunker set. He built out a full alexa 35 camera package and explained the ins and outs of being a 1st ac and building a camera package to fill your needs on the project.

We then went straight over to our main workshop by Pascal Combes-Knoke. Pascal's workshop was about how to evoke an emotion with an image. He spoke on theory and what it takes to create a complex shot using multiple advanced techniques. He ended up lighting and shooting a beautiful zolly shot with our incredible actress Danielle Vasinova!

After Pascal's class we moved on to Eli Franks workshop on camera movement and the dynamics of working with a director and a dp. Eli spoke on what it takes to decipher the vision of the director and the dp and how to mitigate the situation when their visions are different. Utilizing his techno crane, he created a scene outside of our bar set. As the scene played out, Eli explained what he would do in the situation and how he works around obsticals on set.

What an incredible night filled with amazing filmmakers. huge thanks to everyone who came out and were so excited for Warehouse Workshops #3


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